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Company internacionalization - Redoy Consulting

Company internacionalization


img_abt_intWe help our clients to get a deep knowledge of international markets, assisting them in the establishment of trade relationships in a more and more competitive market in which internationalization is the only way for enterprises to keep on growing…or rather, to keep on going.

Our whole experience is at our clients´ service in their search and management of market-related information, as well as in the design of strategies of international expansion and in the education of executive staff in international markets and foreign trade.

Our wide range of services offers solutions for foreign trade and investing operations within enterprises, contributing in such a way to a bigger and more qualified presence of our clients in international markets. REDOY CONSULTING detects and creates business opportunities, using both its human resources and its wide foreign net.

  • Spanish enterprises are offered support in their process of international development
  • Foreign clients are granted access to the most competitive Spanish enterprises in each area.

We offer the following services:

  • Market Studies.
  • Internationalization Strategies.
  • Executive Training.
  • Organization of Trade Missions and Entrepreneurial Encounters.
  • Trade fair representation.

Also, we render services as Commercial Agents in the following way:

  • Identification of business opportunities.
  • Search of local services.
  • Identification of local enterprises.
  • Collaboration in Consortia formation.
  • Assistance regarding relationships with the country´s authorities.
  • Collaboration and assessment in offers presentation.
  • Monitoring tender proceedings and project implementation.
  • Assistance when negotiating project contracts.
  • Monitoring and support in the solution of possible happenings during construction periods.